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3 Traveling Tips for Your Vintage Journey


Vintage Oversized Blazer

1. Don’t limit yourself

When we shop, we often begin with a strict idea of what we are looking for. We know the style we want, how we’re going to use the piece, and how much we are willing to spend. Shopping is just the (sometimes stressful) matter of putting all these puzzle pieces together. Although this may be appropriate for certain situations, try to relax these limits as much as possible when you’re vintage shopping. If shopping normally feels like a fox hunt to you, try approaching it more like a treasure hunt! 


1980’s Long Sleeve Button Up Striped Shirt

2. Embrace the great unknown

One of the beauties of vintage shopping is that it’s full of mystery. There’s no way of knowing what you might find. Sometimes this means that it takes a little longer to discover a piece that’s just right for you, but don’t let that frustrate you. When you do find that piece, it will be more uniquely perfect than anything else in the world. 


Vintage Plaid Top

3. Think creatively

Because vintage shopping is so full of mystery and surprise, you have to be ready to think creatively. Be open-minded, and when you come across a piece that intrigues you, take a moment to visualize different ways you could build it into your wardrobe. Maybe you started with something a little different in mind, but could this unexpected piece serve the same function you were looking to fill?

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A Creator’s Portrait with Gia Bahm


Gia Bahm founded her jewelry line, Unearthen, in 2007.  With her enchanting creations, she seems to effortlessly transform raw and organic materials into otherworldly objects. Her final designs have a luxuriously mysterious quality that truly sets them apart. Gia took some time out of her week to talk to Wiseling about her work and inspiration. 


When did your interest in jewelry design begin?

It all started when I was a kid. Jewelry was so fantastical and mysterious to me, it was (and still is) easy to get lost dreaming about the origins of a special ring or necklace. I’ve always loved looking at jewelry. The mysteriousness of heirlooms and what inspires designers to choose the imagery and styles that become a little wearable treasure is so fascinating to me. I took a few classes as a kid, then got back into it when I was doing a lot of wardrobe styling when I moved to New York in my early 20s.

Where do you find inspiration for your work?

Music has always been my biggest influence. I don’t design collections around songs or musicians or anything, but when I find myself lost in a song, it puts me at peace and all sorts of ideas come to me.


What materials do you use in your work? Why are you drawn to these?

I use silver, gold, bronze, and a variety of raw and specially cut precious and semi-precious gems and crystals. I’m drawn to the natural raw crystals because - man - how mind blowing and genius is nature at creating beauty?! The cut stones are always fun and exiting to see how you can add an extra sparkle, or shape that takes a little gem to an elevated level.


What is your favorite thing about being a jewelry designer?

I have a few favorite things about being a jewelry designer. The first being creative and working with my hands. There is something about my nature - the only way I can feel complete and find happiness in my life, is by working with my hands. This sounds extreme, but it’s true! 

Another favorite thing is problem solving, the never ending challenges and lessons I learn in the process of making my designs. 

Last, but definitely not least, it’s just a consistently inspiring occupation to create jewelry.

You also work as a wardrobe stylist. Does your experience as a jewelry designer influence your styling, or vice versa? 

I have recently transitioned almost completely out of styling. I would say though, that my styling work influenced my jewelry. I would be creating wardrobe looks, and think “AH! If only I had (fill in the blank) special accessory. I should make that!”


Describe a typical day in the life of Gia Bahm.

A typical day consists of a lot more computer work than you could ever imagine. Lots of emailing, accounting, designing, and general internet puttering. Working with my amazing staff, and having fun at the studio. A nice afternoon coffee. I mostly find myself doing more of the hands on designing in the evenings or on weekends, or early mornings when no one can disturb me and I can disappear into my imagination with a good record playing.

What do you wear when you’re working?

Whatever feels right for the day. Sometimes I’ll feel a bit fancy, but mostly whatever is comfortable like an easy dress or jeans and a t-shirt. I feel lucky that I hardly ever feel like I need to look right for anyone else but me. One of the perks of working for yourself for sure!


Where is your favorite place in the world?

My favorite place in the world would be anywhere with water and woods.

What is your favorite vintage era?

High waisted jeans are a staple in my closet. But how can I pick! I love them all.

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Wiseling Secrets: Get the Tape Rolling

image Chanel Silk Pussy Bow Blouse from Cara Mia Vintage 

Have you ever wished there was a product that could keep clothing in place for hours, or owned a vintage piece that was too delicate to pin?  Or have you been in a situation where something happened to your favorite Chanel top and you had no time to mend it?

Two words:  Fashion tape.  For all you vintage lovers out there, this product is a must-have. 

How does it work?

Little strips of clear, double-sided tape, which are both material and skin friendly, can be strategically positioned to hold everything from clothing to belts in place.  (We have even used it on leather boots).  This is especially useful for those vintage pieces that are delicate or tend to slide.

imageLiancarlo for Neiman Marcus Dress from Alex + Afton Vintedge

You can use fashion tape to prevent low cut or sleeveless dresses from slipping.  For example, you could use fashion tape to help ensure this elegant Liancarlo for Neiman Marcus dress stays in place.

Where can I find it?

Fashion tape can be found in numerous beauty locations including most drugstores.  If these locations are out of stock, your best bet is online. 

Have you used fashion tape for your vintage clothing?  Share your tips on Twitter or in the comments below.

A Creator’s Portrait with Naomi Spindel


Have you heard of Naomi Spindel? Well, it’s our pleasure to introduce you. And we’re betting that after Naomi’s debut during New York Fashion Week this September you’ll start hearing her name more often. She describes her designs as loud, feminine, and tailored to perfection. If we could add one more adjective to the list, it would have to be: Honest. 

Naomi’s designs adapt to each wearer’s frame to create genuinely feel-good fashion. What’s more? Naomi is publicly documenting the evolution of her collection on Tumblr, offering fashion-lovers everywhere the rare treat of glimpsing into a designer’s world. In an industry where beauty is pain and everything is exclusive, Naomi Spindel’s honest approach is a breath of fresh air, and we can’t wait to see more. 

Naomi took a moment out of her week to talk to Wiseling about her life, designs, and inspiration. 


When did your interest in fashion begin?

I remember going to the supermarket with my mom as a little girl and going straight to the magazine aisle to fantasize in the pages of Vogue for an hour while she shopped. I was probably about 10 years old and thought Liberty Ross was sooo cool, and also thought I could maybe afford clothes out of British Vogue (I didn’t know the difference between dollars and pounds!)

What was the most important thing you took from your fashion education?

The program I was in primarily focused on the construction of garments instead of sketching and designing, which made getting a job in NY a challenge. Luckily, my sewing skills quickly became recognized, and within a few months of being a doe-eyed 22 year old fresh to the city, I was hand-stitching final touches on the runway pieces at Oscar de la Renta. 

Where do you find inspiration?

Aha - cliché but really everywhere! The color scheme in a bouquet of flowers, the parallel curving lines of a fork and knife, the twist of a girl’s ombre braid, the dramatic pleating in a vintage upholstered chair… my iPhone photo album is filled with daily inspiration snapshots. 

Are there details and fabrics you lean towards the most?

I love me some dramatic lace and structured heavy weight fabric. I love working with materials that speak for themselves - letting the inherent drape or detailed texture of the fabric be the emphasis of the garment. Recently I’ve been making a lot of lace dresses without slips underneath, it’s so sexy to let the skin show a little bit. I also use a lot of wide black grosgrain ribbon, kind of reminds me of framing a painting, giving the eye something to rest on and follow across the body.


What is a typical day like for you?

I’m working as a freelance designer now, so my days are my own to schedule. I wake up at 8:00am, make some french press coffee, and absorb news/inspiration for a bit in my kitchen. I usually invite a friend over for lunch and then sew in my studio for a couple hours before meeting my best friend Hanna for my daily private pilates class (I’m so lucky, I know). I’ll run errands, meet with clients, window shop for inspiration… I’m usually social during dinner hour and then come home and sew or sketch until I pass out.

What do you wear in the studio?

Honestly, as little as possible. While I’m sewing I’m constantly trying the garment on to ensure a secure fit. It doesn’t make sense to wear clothes that I keep taking off over and over so if anything just a vintage night gown. 

Describe your dream vacation. 

Hot hot heat and beach and bikinis and serenity.

What do you enjoy best about your job?

As a freelancer I’m a working girl but also a lady who lunches. I make my own schedule and I never take that for granted. Also I love when a client brings over a tattered vintage dress and I make it wearable and new again for her, the ultimate eco-friendly fashion!

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Check out Naomi’s Kickstarter campaign for a peak into the upcoming collection or to support production. Hurry, before it ends July 15!

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Boutique Highlight

Height of Vintage

Introducing Height of Vintage, the newest boutique to hit Wiseling. Presenting pretty feminine skirts and dresses from YSL and Oscar de la Renta along with casual classics in a Southwest vibe. The coolest part? It’s coming straight to you from a vintage mobile in Houston, Texas.

Shop Height of Vintage

A Creator’s Portrait with Strathcona Founder Ryley O’Bryne

There is something wonderful about coming across a brand that takes you completely by surprise. Strathcona is such a brand. Based out of Vancouver, Strathcona specializes in ultra cool, fine stockings that feature photo collage style prints. With various prints from photo real citrus and flowers to watercolor-esque geometric shapes and star-strewn galaxies, these quirky stockings mirror designer and founder Ryley O’Bryne’s decidedly unique artistic point of view. Now boasting rave reviews and styling by several influential publishers including Vogue Italia, Bullett Magazine, Nylon Magazine, and Refinery 29, it is only a matter of time before Strathcona makes its way into wardrobes everywhere. Here, to kick start your newest obsession in hoisery (and firmly cement ours), Ms. O’Bryne answers our questions. 


When did you first become interested in fashion?

If you ask my mother, there was never a time that I wasn’t interested in fashion. Even when I was a little kid, I wouldn’t let my mom dress me – I always had to do it myself.

What made you want to create printed stockings?

I become a little obsessed with the idea of printed socks a few years ago. I found that I was always looking for special and interesting socks, but I had such a hard time finding them anywhere. Whether it was on the internet or when I traveled – they didn’t seem to be around anywhere. I finally realized that if I was going to get what I wanted I was going to have to make them myself. And that’s when the R+D started.

Where do you find inspiration for your products?

Whenever I can’t find exactly what I want I think about whether I could make it myself. In terms of the prints themselves, everything inspires me. I will be inspired by obvious stuff like a trip to the museum. Or a beautiful lunch. A carpet. Youtube. One of the prints was a little painting I did while visiting a friend in Mexico – the colors and patterns of the tile work there inspired me.

What other creative projects are you involved in?

Film is my other passion. We are working on a music video for a friend’s band this month. But I work on a pretty wide array of projects. Before Strathcona, I worked as a creative art director so that got me involved in quite an assortment of projects. I still take on that type of work on occasion but I am having less and less time for it. Really, I just really love working and creating.


How would you describe your personal style?

I would say fun and diverse. I don’t like having to be one thing or another. I want to wear wild colors and a bejeweled baseball hat one day and pajamas or all beige the next. I like being able to experiment with fashion. That’s what makes it interesting and enjoyable. That being said, we were talking about style the other day and decided the term “Casino Grandma” was pretty great…I definitely lean that way from time to time.

What is your favorite article of clothing?

A pair of extremely baggy sequin pants I got at a Halloween sale 4 or 5 years ago. If you have seen me “out” in the last 4 years, I have most likely been wearing those pants. They are quite literally my "party pants."

Which recent purchase are you most excited about?

I recently bought a very utilitarian army-green duffle bag from MEC (Canada’s version of REI). It has made my nomadic life a lot easier in recent times.

What is your favorite place in the world?

My parent’s home in Roberts Creek and Paris. Two of the most wonderful places I have lived.

Shop Strathcona. 


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